2 shades of gray and a rabbit

Today I´ve been shopping. Again. I was going to start a no-shopping challenge for myself, with at least two months without shopping, since I really need to save up some money for school. And I´ve been using way too much money this summer. But you can see how long it lasted. Oh well.


The sweater was much needed (I say that to myself every time I buy something new). But the iphone cover was perhaps not the most usefull purchase (there you see, I admit it). BUT it protects my iphone, and that is very important.

Anyway, I would say it was a good purchase after all. Because I have been looking at the exact same cover from Moschino (only difference is that my cover do not have the “mochino”-text between the legs of the rabbit). And my cover, ladies and gentleman, was just 1/5 of the price of the cover below.



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