About me

21 years old norwegian girl living in London (no, I don´t, but I wish it was true).

10 facts about me:

1. I have ginger hair, 100% natural

2. I´m a bagoholic. I love bags, especially designer bags. My favourite brands are Chanel (of c), Fendi, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada.

3. I created this blog because I wanted to improve my english

4. I would like to move to Great Britain when I get older

5. I´m an engineer student, but most of  all I want to be an architect

6. I´m obsessed with Phantom of the opera (the musical).

7. I wish I could sing, but I can´t. Thats the hard facts.

8. I love to read, and I have always done. I learned to read when I was 3, and I read everything except from science fiction and fantasy (ugh).

9. I love to draw, and some years ago I wanted to become a fashion designer. But after a while, I decided to study something that was more secure. After all, most fashion designers (if they even get a job with fashion design) work really hard for almost no money. And I don´t want that. Maybe I was not passionate enough, but I want a job where I can but a lot of designer bags. But I love fashion, I really do, and it will always be a huge part of my life.

10. I don´t have a defined style, because I don´t want to think “no, I can´t buy that, because it don´t fit in with my style…”. But of course, we all have things that we like more than other. I am a fan of classical pieces, like lbd, pumps, ballet flats, knitted sweater, pearls, classical bags like birkin, classic flap and so on. But I also like to combine it with other things that don´t necessarily are the same style, like flowers, spikes, neon or other crazy colours, aztec and things like that.




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