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From Geneva with love

I need to show you my big purchase from this summer holliday. I’ve already posted a picture of the H bandana, but that was only a purchase I made to use my last swiss franc (… what a shame). But this is better. Way more better. This is actually my first purchase ever from Chanel!


Chanel ballet flats

So here they are. My first experience with the white camellia flower. I was so happy, and I still am, a week after. I was actually looking at a mini flap that matches the shoes, that the SA showed me. It was beautifull, and the first time ever I was actually holding a Chanel bag. It was a bit too (read: way too) expencive for me though, but it maked me realize that I was a addicted. i don’t just want a classic or large flap in the future, I also want other chanel bags, in other styles, colours and sizes.


2 shades of gray and a rabbit

Today I´ve been shopping. Again. I was going to start a no-shopping challenge for myself, with at least two months without shopping, since I really need to save up some money for school. And I´ve been using way too much money this summer. But you can see how long it lasted. Oh well.


The sweater was much needed (I say that to myself every time I buy something new). But the iphone cover was perhaps not the most usefull purchase (there you see, I admit it). BUT it protects my iphone, and that is very important.

Anyway, I would say it was a good purchase after all. Because I have been looking at the exact same cover from Moschino (only difference is that my cover do not have the “mochino”-text between the legs of the rabbit). And my cover, ladies and gentleman, was just 1/5 of the price of the cover below.